Protecting Yourself And Your Family From Radon

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In our homes and in our lives in general we are exposed to a wide assortment of unseen gasses.  These gasses are typically odorless, tasteless and have very little physical effects and symptoms on our bodies.  As a result, many of these gasses will start to do harm to our bodies way before we can detect them.  Installing a radon machine atlanta ga into a home is the first line of defense against such exposure.

Learning early

With the installation of these detection devices we are putting ourselves into a position to be notified early of any issues.  An alarm will signal the detection of these gasses giving us ample time to leave the area before something bad happens.

Become educated

Gasses such as Radon were once considered beneficial to human health.  In fact, radon was put into water and other items to help increase our overall health.  It wasn’t until studies were conducted in minors that we discovered that radon was not good for us and was in fact causing cancer in many people.

Finding Radon

Radon can be found in uranium ores, shales, phosphate rock, igneous and metamorphic rocks, such as granite and more.  When installing these detectors, the radon gas can be detected if it comes loose from these areas which many houses are built upon.

Dealing with radon

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To deal with radon you will want to have the area you are looking to live tested for the gas.  If everything is clear go ahead with your build but install a detector in your home to monitor other issues.  If an issue is detected make sure to leave the area and contact the proper authorities.  They will come out and do their tests and try to block the flow of the gas.

If you feel that you have been exposed to this gas go to the doctors as quickly as you can and seek treatment.