Creating An Outdoor Oasis

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Creating an outdoor oasis or meeting area where we can sit and enjoy our morning coffee, watch the kids run and play or just have a place for parties is a great investment for any home.  When creating these place a lot of thought and design options can be incorporated.  For those looking to create something cool here are some ideas you can incorporate.

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is a great way to create a central meeting area.  Many outdoor fireplaces yonkers ny can be used for parties, to keep the bugs away or a place to sit and enjoy the cool night air with a warming section. 

When designing these fireplaces they can be a central fixture to your area or they can be scattered around for light and heat.  Design elements for these fireplaces is also plentiful when using a mixture of stone, iron and other materials.


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Lighting for your outside oasis can be varied as well.  You can use led lights, torches and even security flood lights.  When adding lighting to your area you can have safety, security and a specific atmosphere created.


Music makes the area great.  Installing a sound system that can be controlled from your area as well as from inside is a great way to have the party hopping.  With many sound systems you can run MP3 music, CD’s and even with some creativity run a move screen outside to have your home based drive in.

Your Tastes

Creating your outside oasis needs to fall within your tastes.  These areas are designed for you in mind.  No matter if the location will be for parties or a solitary section for your thoughts, make sure what you consider all the areas of your interests first.  This will ensure that your oasis will be used and enjoyed.